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Fashion Fridays: Sweltering Swagger

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APRIL 19, 2013

A sweltering sun in Berkeley this week meant students had to keep cool by looking cool. Hence, the campus witnessed a profusion of fashionable swagger. Some were clearly ruminating over Coachella, and so bore outfits befitting the hippest of festivalgoers. Others simply took the heat as impetus to show off their best styles. This week’s fashionistas were the children of summer, clad in vibrant garments and utterly self-assured.

Bernie D

First off we have Bernadette McVerry, a spunky and offhanded little thing looking fierce outside Dwinelle Hall. Wearing an effervescent pink polo shirt with faded jean shorts and black high-tops, McVerry radiated a strong ’80s vibe seldom seen between classes. A set of pearls and dark-tinted sunglasses added an extra pinch of swag.


Next we found Rory Hamilton-Battenfeld in close proximity, equally stylish and offbeat. Her bizarre smiley-face t-shirt was lighthearted and humorous, while her super chic flared pants ensured her outfit was as fashionable as it was frivolous. Meanwhile, she sported a pair of lovely pink flats to enhance her look with a bit of color.


Over on Sproul Plaza, Liz Kelman appeared positively adorable in a spotted ensemble. Notice that her shirt and skirt form a precise antithesis: the top half is white spotted with black, while the bottom half is black spotted with white. Kelman sported this combination seamlessly, pulling it off with ample poise and a dazzling smile.

A Capella

The most eye-catching assortment of all was that showcased by the members of Noteworthy A Cappella, who looked at once ridiculous and cool (or perhaps ridiculously cool) as they sang beside Sather Gate. While a cappella groups often dress up for the occasion, this gang of energetic fellows outdid the lot of them with funky hats, clashing ties and other items put together in a wholly haphazard manner. We include this crew as proof that clothing need not match in the conventional sense.


Photos shot by Eytan Schindelhaim and Ashley Chen

Contact Eytan Schindelhaim at 


APRIL 21, 2013

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