Injunction against Health and Wellness referendum lifted

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Following the ASUC Judicial Council’s decision to lift the preliminary injunction on the health and wellness referendum, officials revealed that voters approved the measure by a slim margin in a vote of 6836-6139.

The results of the referendum were initially held after ASUC Senators Mihir Deo and Jorge “Cheko” Pacheco filed a petition alleging that ASUC President Connor Landgraf unconstitutionally placed the measure on the ballot.

“Now that the Health and Wellness Referendum has been tabulated, and the results released, I hope the Senators will respect the will of the students of our university, and withdraw their petition to overturn this voter-approved referendum,” said ASUC Attorney General Hinh Tran in an email.

While the results have been released, the Judicial Council will rule on the constitutionality of the referendum at a trial this Thursday.

Deo said he has been considering a variety of options, including the possibility of a settlement. Though the details of a settlement remain unclear, Deo said that ideally, an agreement would include more accommodations for disabled students in the proposed center.

“I’m making sure that no stone is unturned,” he said.

The measure initially sparked controversy after Landgraf issued an executive order to put the measure on the ballot instead of submitting the language to the senate. Landgraf said he employed the executive order because of delays on the part of the UC Office of the President.

If the health and wellness referendum is deemed constitutional, as it currently stands, the measure will finance the construction of the Wellness Center as well as a new Memorial Stadium Fitness Center. It would also eliminate the RecSports membership fee of $10 per semester.

A new fee would begin in fall 2013 at an initial level of $40 per semester and would increase at regular intervals over the next 10 years.

Curan Mehra is the executive news editor. Contact him at [email protected].

A previous version of this story indicated that the Judicial Council will consider the constitutionality of the Health and Wellness referendum. In fact, the Judicial Council will consider the constitutionality of the executive order that placed the measure on the ballot.