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Fashion Fridays: A Certain Flair

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APRIL 26, 2013

It’s another Friday and we have another set of elite styles to round out the week. This group of fine fashionistas graced the campus with exciting assemblies of at times conventional, at times peculiar articles of clothing. Their outfits conveyed a deft ability to dress with attention to detail. For every style displayed here, each component, including accessories and even bicycles, played a key role in the overall look.

Sarah StoermerThis curiously dressed individual, Sarah Stoermer, was a spectacle of varying colors and fabrics. From the black shoes to the bright blue pants and multicolored top, the outfit commanded attention with its many hues. At the same time, it exhibited a wide range of textures, from the flannel shirt to the jean-like pants and leathery shoes. As a whole, this was an interesting example of how one might put a diverse array of items to use in one solid style.

Molly PerezAnother of this week’s top dressers was Molly Perez, looking remarkably confident and urbane. Her outfit was like a canvas, with the first coat of paint being a black background that included her hat, sunglasses, dress, leggings, boots and bag. On top of this, she bore a striped, multicolored sweater, which served as the foreground of the painting. The combination made Perez look like an attractive piece of art as she sauntered through campus.

GroupElsewhere, this group of friends was the definition of cool, sporting fun hats and lively garments. La’Quoia Renee, Loady Low and Albert Watts (from left to right) embodied the relaxed sun-soaked atmosphere that pervades Berkeley around this time of year. Full of color and comprised of light, summery fabrics, their outfits spoke of comfort as well as a certain flair.

All photos shot by Ashley Chen

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APRIL 27, 2013