Flashback Friday: superhero love!

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For fans of comic book superheroes, it’s safe to say that your next six months will be full of super-hero-movie-induced enjoyment seeing as “Iron Man 3” is dropping May 3, and “Wolverine” and “Man of Steel” will be released this summer. And to top it all off, “Thor: Dark World” will be out at the end of the year. To say the least, you’re pretty much set entertainmentwise. However, all this mad superhero-movie love has reminded us at the Clog of a simpler time where idolizing such characters was prime and fresh. So come and accompany us while we remain vigilant like Batman and search through our past with a Flashback Friday look at superheroes.

Every generation has been introduced to superheroes in one form or another. For ’90s kids, it came in in the form of either reading comic books or watching the plethora of superhero TV shows that invaded our television screens. Who doesn’t remember their first exposure to characters like Batman, Superman or Spider-Man? We reminisce about just how cool these powerful characters were to us as kids. Not to mention how awesome it was that they could use their abilities to save the day regardless of what evil villains threw their way. After all, Batman always had a contingency plan with his fancy gadgets, Superman was just … well Superman, and the X-Men had the power of teamwork. In retrospect, it was amazing that these heroes could do all of this before breakfast was even over on a Saturday morning.

We might not realize it, but superheroes played a bigger role in our young lives than we thought. For most, their struggle against evil was our first interaction with what standing up for the right thing meant. This message seems to get passed on to each generation through the love of these imaginative heroes. Just take a moment to look some time. You’ll see it welling up in the hearts of the children who wear Iron Man costumes during Halloween, you’ll see it in conventions where people dress up as their favorite heroes and you’ll even see it on the streets of Berkeley when a fellow classmate of yours passes by wearing a Captain America t-shirt.

Superheroes may be fictional characters at the end of the day, but there lies a nostalgic sense of love toward them that allows these characters to live agelessly as they pass on their message to every generation. In a way, it may be because of these characters that student protesters gather on the streets of Berkeley and student associations stand up for causes they believe in at Sproul. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying the impact that superheroes have on our lives.

If you’re inclined to reunite with your love for superheroes, we definitely recommend visiting one of the many local Berkeley comic book shops like Fantastic Comics and The Escapist Comic Bookstore. Do you have any fond memories of superheroes from your childhood? Feel free to share with a comment below!

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