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The most caffeinated beverages for your finals week all-nighters

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APRIL 29, 2013

Copious caffeine consumption is nothing new to Berkeley students, especially with finals rapidly approaching. Everyone has their preferred poison of choice whether it’s hipsters in your English classes carrying ginormous, reusable coffee mugs or your engineering buddy that has a pocket of his backpack reserved specifically for 5-hour Energy. While we’re sure each person is willing to argue the superiority of their specific method of staying conscious, this got us wondering how the caffeine content of popular energy drinks actually measures up. Below we’ve compiled a list of beverages and ordered them from the least to most caffeinated so whether you’re looking to stay up for days, or simply make it through an afternoon lull, you can find and choose the right energy boost for you.

10. Green Tea

9. Coca-Cola Classic

8. Bawls — we know how this looks, but it’s an energy drink … we swear!

7. Redbull

5/6. Rockstar/Monster (tied)

4. Espresso

3. Redline

2. Regular coffee

1. 5-hour Energy

It’s surprising to us that with all the hubbub over energy drinks that they generally contain as much or less caffeine than just your regular cup of joe! And if you’ve ever wondered exactly how far you can push the limit of your caffeine consumption this funny website where we pulled our facts from tells you how many servings of your favorite beverage will put you in mortal peril. Though we may risk sounding motherly in saying this, should you have to consume caffeine at all (and yes we can hear your snickering) we at the Clog would remind you to please do so safely and with moderation. Happy studying!

Image Source: Lukas Kramer under Creative Commons 

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APRIL 29, 2013

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