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Cal alumni inspires 'Argo': why they (and other Cal grads) rock

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Renowned investigative journalist Lowell Bergman speaks to Patricia and Kenneth Taylor, honored as Alumni Couple of the Year at International House’s 25th Annual Celebration Awards Gala, April 18.


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APRIL 30, 2013

You have to have a pretty cool story to inspire a movie that wins multiple Academy Awards. And it turns out that two Cal alumni made the cut. Earlier this week, the Daily Californian reported about Cal alums Kenneth and Patricia Taylor, a couple that helped inspire the movie “Argo.” Kenneth Taylor was a Canadian ambassador in Iran during the 1979 Tehran hostage crisis, during which he helped house six American hostages in the Canadian embassy — an important component of the “Argo” plot line. For this brave action, the couple was recently honored by the I-House, their residence while studying at Cal.

We at the Clog absolutely love that so many amazing people have attended our school, so we found five other alumni who are also super influential:

Tom Anderson. Remember when MySpace was actually cool? At some point in our lives, we were all probably addicted to this website before Facebook showed up.Well this guy helped create it … and also served as the president. He graduated from Cal in 1996.

Steve Wozniak. We wrote about this guy earlier this semester and now return to remember why he is so cool. Wozniak is the co-founder of the Apple computer and graduated from Cal in 1986 — enough said.

Earl Warren. All you political buffs are probably familiar with this man. He was the chief justice of the Supreme Court and the governor of California for three terms. He got his B.A. from Cal in 1912 and his Juris Doctor in 1914.

Douglas Englebart. You may not recognize the name of this 1953 alumni (we sure didn’t), but he invented the computer mouse. For that, he deserves some recognition. Despite the fact that touch screens and track pads have pretty much eliminated the mouse, if Englebart hadn’t invented them we might still be in the Dark Ages. 

Jack London. Even though he never finished his degree here at Cal, he still wrote Call of the Wild. Even if you’ve never had to read the book, he’s quite an icon in the Bay Area. There’s even a Jack London Square and a Jack London Park.

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APRIL 29, 2013

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