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MAY 02, 2013

Name: New Tab Page

Platform(s): Chrome

Price: Free

Mission: Make your new tabs pages more beautiful and functional

The default new tab page in Chrome leaves a lot to be desired. If left untouched you’ll either see a list of “apps” (essentially glorified bookmarks) or a 2-by-6 square grid with screen grabs of your most visited websites. It’s somewhat useful and definitely better than nothing, but there could be a much better use of that space.

You see the new tab page multiple times a day, so it’s space that you could fill with useful information rather than just bookmarks or links. The Chrome Web Store is filled with plenty of useful extensions that serve as replacements for the new tab page, transforming it into something beautiful or informative. But even better is the relatively new replacement for the new tab page called New Tab Page (yes, we understand this name is confusing), which combines the two.

For you Android users, New Tab Page tries to bring the experience of Google Now that you may be familiar with. For everyone else, New Tab Page is a beautiful Google-influenced extension. The top of the page is dominated by a gorgeous Google Search bar. Below that is a small 1-by-6 square grid of your recently visited websites. Also included is a left column with the day’s headlines and a right column that shows a box with weather forecasts and then another box filled with your Chrome Web Store apps.

What makes New Tab Page stand out among its competitors is its integrated and professional feel. It looks like its a could be the stock new tab page, not something thrown together by a third party developer.

Because New Tab Page is relatively new, it isn’t as powerful as we would like it to be. It has yet to be customizable, and there should definitely be more social media integration. However, New Tab Page is still a fantastic product and one we hope continues to be developed.

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MAY 01, 2013

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