UC Berkeley to leave UC SHIP, return to campus health plan

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UC Berkeley will withdraw from the systemwide UC Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2013-14 academic year, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau announced today in a statement.

UC Berkeley will transition back to its own campus-run health insurance plan beginning Aug. 15, similar to what was in place for decades before the campus joined UC SHIP.

“Today I am stating my support for the students’ position and, following their urging, announcing that UC Berkeley will be withdrawing from UC SHIP and returning to a UC Berkeley-operated student health insurance plan,” Birgeneau said in the statement.

The move to abandon UC SHIP comes as the program faces a projected $46.5 million deficit, down from the originally projected $57 million deficit and what could have been a premium increase of up to 19.8 percent for UC Berkeley students. The new plan will have no coverage caps and is expected to include a 13 percent premium increase for undergraduates.

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