5 foods to boost your finals week mood

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Dead week: the calm before the storm of finals. It’s time to dive into the books and prepare to ace those finals. Or at least pass them. We all know that finals are a lot of pressure. They can make or break your grade, so in the next two weeks, a plethora of emotions is likely to surge through your body. People have different ways of coping with wildly rampant emotions — but eating seems like a pretty universal tactic. So we at the Daily Clog made a list of five foods that’ll target whatever Debbie Downer mood you’re in this week:

Stressed out? Eat some chocolate. Studies show that eating chocolate lowers some of the stress hormones in the body. But really … do you need an excuse to eat chocolate? Just run on over to GBC, Bear Market or the nearest grocery store and stock up on this delicious treat that will calm your nerves.

Lazy? Have some spinach. Laziness seems to creep up on us whenever we need to be the most productive. Fight this feeling with folate-rich foods like spinach. They will get your blood flowing and help you concentrate. The dining commons usually have buckets of fresh spinach, so grab a bowl and channel your inner Popeye.

Cranky? Grab an apple with peanut butter. No one likes a crabapple. Don’t be the person that’s lashing out at everyone and pissing off his or her friends for no apparent reason — just grab an apple with peanut butter, and watch those feelings fade away. Complex carbs and healthy fats are the key to busting crankiness; they give you fuel that will last.

Angry? Sip on some green tea. Getting all worked up about the material your professor forgot to explain in lecture is not going to help you pass your finals, but a cup of green tea can help alleviate rage. Theanine (an amino acid found in green tea) calms the body and helps you concentrate.     

Sad? Have some whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk. Depressed about forgetting everything you’ve learned this semester? You might be low on vitamin D. Whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk can help boost your vitamin D levels and make you happier. Or you could go sunbathe for a few hours … the sun is the best source of vitamin D!

Don’t take these next couple weeks for granted and let whatever mood you’re in ruin them. Eat some helpful and healthful foods, and enjoy these final moments with your friends — summer is just around the corner!

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