5 things to look forward to after finals

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RRR week — oh, who are we kidding, it’s dead week — is finally upon us. It’s time to begin studying diligently and start working on final projects — or just let our brains rest for a while before the real cramming begins. But let’s not forget what this beloved “break” leads up to: finals! The Clog urges all our fellow tired, wilting, brain-dead students to rally during these last few weeks of torture, because there really is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Several, in fact. When that final R1B portfolio has you wishing you could toss your computer out a window and join the circus, remember that you have the following things to look forward to once the torture is over:

1. Throwing all your notes out. Unless you think you’ll take more anthropology courses just for funsies next semester (even though you’re just taking this one to fulfill a breadth), you probably won’t be needing those scintillating notes anymore. Imagine tossing them into a bonfire! Scattering them through the halls of Dwinelle! Feeding them to your dog! It’ll surely be a cathartic way to kick off your summer.

2. Sleeping. College students’ bodies are forced to adapt to shots of 5-hour Energy and 10-minute naps between cram sessions. But once that last deceptively-named blue-but-actually-green book is turned in, you can say goodbye to pulling panic stricken all-nighters. When that time comes, you can revel in laying your head down on a real pillow instead of a textbook.

3. Eating like a normal human being. Did you know that there’s food that doesn’t come from the freezer with microwave instructions on the back? When you can actually venture outside into the real world again, you’ll be allowed the luxury of eating fresh food from the real world. And if you’re going home after finals, this could include home-cooked food not from Asian Ghetto. Who knew such sustenance existed?!

4. Hanging out in places other than Moffitt. You’ll be able to come out of that burrow you built yourself in the library, sifting through piles of paper, pens and books. There won’t be any need to mark your territory anymore — all students shall be free! Say goodbye to the days of saving and selling seats in Main Stacks and hello to tables, chairs and grassy knolls you don’t need to fight over to enjoy.

5. Watching guilt-free TV and movies. We know what streaming junkies you all are, whether it’s “Breaking Bad” or the latest movie on Instant Netflix. But guess what? Once school is officially over for the semester, you can settle for mindless television without pretending that you don’t see your books calling you from the corner of your desk. Bust out the popcorn and M&Ms, because there won’t be anything standing in your way! It’s going to be quite a summer in the cinemas, too. Look forward to “Iron Man 3,” “Man of Steel” and “Monsters University” (based on our very own campus)!

We know there’s still some time to go before you can enjoy all these festivities, but it’ll go by faster than you think. Survive this week, and then you’ll only have finals left. Then, you’ll be free to enjoy all the fun you can cram on your plate.

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