Playlist of the week: a story of dead week ditties

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As dead week creeps upon us, you’re probably facing a serious dilemma: to rage or not to rage? Seeing as we have an abundance of stress ahead of us, it’s natural to want to attend a “Dead Man’s Party” or two in the beginning just to get it out of our systems and celebrate while we can. However, overdoing it can quickly become a shock to our systems and make us want to sleep like dead men and women (or however you may identify). When we emerge from this clouded stupor in the middle of the week, we’re likely to do the panic dances that have been building up inside for the whole semester. We’re kicking ourselves for procrastinating on papers and completely giving up on reading for the semester. The rage flows from within, but we must contain it and carry on studying like the bright Berkeley students we know we are.

Here’s how the rest of the week goes: you read every book, scrawl every note and skim through every PowerPoint until you’re dead in your head. Caffeine in any form is your best friend, lover and lifesaver all at the same. You find yourself constantly thanking your caffeine with the adage, “Without you, my life would be boring.” And it certainly would be — that and very sleepy. Sleepless nights and unnaturally lighted days spent cooped up in the library come to a close during the trip home on the Night Safety Shuttle, nicknamed the Deadcruiser. Before you know it, this weathering cycle has taken you to Sunday night. And that means the test-filled week you’ve been dreading has arrived.

You wake up on the morning of your first final to the dead sound of your alarm buzzing in your ears. While getting dressed, you put a four-leaf clover in your pocket — your last superstitious hope of success. After all, what more can you do? You pretend to be brave in the face of the harrowing exam, but you’re really not feeling it. A passing grade or failing grade is determined by some filled-in bubbles, and that’s a little freaky.

We know that a lot of students are feeling this right now; we at the Clog can say we are too. But remember that when it comes to studying, don’t carry it all on your shoulders! Make sure to take breaks often, and know that while finals are important, they’re not everything. And you’re worth way more than a number! Keep calm and roll on during this dead week, you Bears. We know you can do it.

As always, you can check out the full playlist right here on Spotify.

Image source: dailydoseofjoshy under Creative Commons.

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