5 things to do on campus besides studying

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Now that study mode has kicked in (You’re already hitting the books, right? Right.), we’re all flocking to find a nice study spot to settle into. With laptops, headphones, notes and books at the ready, places like Moffitt or the Academic Services Center become our second home for the week. Though studying is super important, we at the Clog urge you to do more on campus than just slump over a desk all day! Here are some suggestions for creative study breaks that’ll get you out of bed and give your brain a rest:

1. Sunbathe. The skies have been gray for the past few days, but the forecast predicts some sun in the next two weeks. Bring your books out to Memorial Glade and soak up some vitamin D in between reviewing chapters. Rest your eyes and enjoy the sunlight with the grass beneath you and the bells of the Campanile ringing in the distance.

2. Play sardines outside. Hear us out on this one. Once you’ve had enough lounging around outside, get some friends together for a game of sardines! For those of you not familiar with sardines, it’s basically hide-and-seek backwards. One person hides, and everyone else looks for them. When someone discovers the “hider,” he or she hides alongside that person. This continues until one poor soul is out looking by themselves. This is especially fun after dark.

3. Play hide-and-seek in the library. Similar to our last idea, this is also tons of fun! Gather a group of friends and go to a library like Main Stacks or Moffitt with lots of shelves and places to hide behind. After that, you know the rules! You’ll have to be careful not to disturb fellow students in the library who aren’t taking a break, so make it a quiet game. We’re not trying to get you kicked out! But this is a good way to make the library look less terrible and gloomy. And think of all the possibilities with those moving shelves in Main Stacks! (Just don’t crush anyone. Please. Safety first.)

4. Conduct social experiments. Experiment with people on Sproul. Will people walk you with their umbrella if it’s raining and you have none? Lend you some paper? Let you use their phone? Stop and answer your questions about a class? See how nice people really are at this school. Or, if you have more faith in your theatrical skills, have a (loud) emotional breakdown in the middle of heavy foot traffic and see who stops to ask if you’re okay. You could even record yourself and make a YouTube video! After finals are over, of course. We at the Clog would love to see that.

5. Exercise. This might be the most boring and predictable of the lot, but it’s a legitimate option for those who still want to be productive during their time away from the books. Walk around campus. Jog. Do lunges across Memorial Glade. Find a secluded spot like the eucalyptus grove and do pushups and crunches. Use the beautiful outdoor space for something productive while taking time to unwind and let go of all that pent-up stress. Added bonus? You’ll be getting a head start on those summer abs.

 Image source: ~dgies under Creative Commons

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