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Tunesday: Lively Tunes for a Dead Week

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MAY 07, 2013

So you’re looking for your second wind after sleepless, suffocating hours studying. Have you been deferring any drudgery until your dissertation looks like defecation? Or perhaps you’re just partying your ass off like it’s a second spring break (certainly the case for me so far). Whatever your situation, hopefully this dead week edition of Tunesday revives you.

Phoenix – Trying to Be Cool (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The original by Phoenix in their new album, Entertainment, is a much slower, laid-back song which The Chainsmokers have changed into a more dance-y one. The Chainsmokers made their way onto the list last Tuesday for their remix of Daughter’s “Medicine” and then they released this remix of “Trying to Be Cool” from Phoenix’s new album. Speaking of last week’s post, it earned me the lovely title of “Most Likely to Reveal His Deepest, Darkest Secrets in a Blog Post” for the mentions of break-ups and unused concert tickets.

It would be a shame not to have a TMI moment after receiving such an honor from my editors. It isn’t my deepest, darkest secret, but it’ll have to do. This is like two truths and a lie… except I’m going to put more statements and not specify how many truths/lies I’ve sprinkled. No answer key, but I guarantee at least one is true. Have fun speculating!

  1. I have a tattoo on my right butt cheek because I lost a bet.
  2. I have had a semester-long crush on someone at the Daily Cal.
  3. I cried when the Clippers got eliminated from the NBA playoffs.
  4. I have never been in love, but I have told people I’m in love with them just to see how they react.
  5. I just ate an everything bagel.

Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red and Blue

Portugal. The Man’s seventh album will be coming out on June 4th and is completely produced by Danger Mouse. Don’t pay so much attention to the lyrics of this song, though, which include the likes of “workin’ just don’t work for me.” The tune’s so catchy that you’ll be tapping your feet along. It’s no wonder it’s been on my playlist for times when I am attempting to focus on work.

Sir Sly – Ghost

Originally, this post was going to be one with songs and bands involving the word “ghost” to follow the theme of dead week. Frankly, it was a dumb idea, but I think Sir Sly still fits into the new theme. This LA-based band has been one of my favorite discoveries since last year. My application to the Daily Cal involved a review of their album and I vouched for them for Noise Pop. Admittedly, some of their other songs such as “Gold” or “Found You Out” would probably fit the profile of upbeat songs a bit more, but I got slightly attached to what this post originally was so this is the one that made the cut.

ASTR – Operate

Speaking of Sir Sly, it’s worth mentioning that Neon Gold Records gave them a shot with an EP. Other acts that Neon Gold has brought into the limelight include Ellie Goulding, Marina and The Diamonds, Passion Pit, The Knocks, and The Naked and Famous. Recently, they’ve taken on ASTR’s debut single “Operate,” and their string of success in finding talented and widely appealing acts doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all in 2013. Much like the aforementioned names, this is a song that sits somewhere between pop and electronic.

Nujabes – Aruarian Dance

Some people just cannot focus on work with lyrics being present, so we’re taking a time machine to bring back some Nujabes. It’s certainly the oldest song I’ve linked so far on Tunesday, but I consider this my favorite study song of all time (I mean, it’s not saying much considering I’ve got the worst studying habits in the world, but it really is an amazing song to help you concentrate on something). It should say a lot that there’s a “Homework Edit” of the song (just a 1 hour loop) and it’s pretty popular on YouTube.

MS MR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

MS MR and CHVRCHES are two of my favorite up-and-coming musical acts. MS MR have their debut album coming out next Tuesday and CHVRCHES have their first full-length album coming out sometime this year as well. Though both categorize themselves as some kind of pop music, they sound completely different from each other. MS MR have a darker sound whereas CHVRCHES sound bit like an 80’s revival. The remix is far more characteristic of CHVRCHES’ sound than MS MR’s. I’d suggest you give the original song a listen as well as “Recover” by CHVRCHES. Click through to Soundcloud and this remix is available for a free (and completely legal) download!

The xx – Hot Like Fire (BeazyTymes Remix)

The xx’s cover of Aaliyah is given a trap-esque remix, but unlike some of the stuff Baauer puts out under the same genre, it is good. It’s not exactly a song I can see myself working to, but it’s one that I’d put on after finishing and lying down. I particularly love the way he utilized the original riff, and somehow the bass in the background reminds me of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind.” Speaking of which…

Pacific Air – Lose My Mind

I am ending with a song called “Lose My Mind” because, well, I don’t want you to. Particularly, I’d like to dedicate this to my friends who are graduating (as well as those of you I never got the chance to meet that are). First of all, you’re welcome for not dedicating “Graduation” by Vitamin C. God. That song. The lyrics in “Lose My Mind” talk about problems such as “I’ve been thinking about my future / And how cold it’s been,” and anyone who’s graduating is probably beginning to feel that way. It is all about fear of the uncertainty in having to face the future in the forms of possible failure and iffy commitment, but still manages to be an uplifting song.

That’s it for Tunesday this week! Come back next week for a summer mix and as always, give me your feedback and tell me about songs you think deserve some attention! Good luck with your finals and best wishes if you’re graduating.

Contact Ephraim Lee at [email protected].

MAY 07, 2013

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