Thursday app of the week: Current Caller ID

Daniel Radding/Staff

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Name: Current Caller ID

Platform(s): Android

Price: Free

Mission: Social-media integrated caller ID on your phone

Disenchanted with boring old caller ID? It’s the 21st century, and you’d expect more than a name and number nowadays. If this sounds like you, the Clog’s here with a solution: Current Caller ID.

When someone calls you, Current Caller ID pulls information about the person based on White Pages, your address book, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and displays it on your screen. Between all these sources, you usually get the person’s name and sometimes a photo as well. Creepy? Sure. Awesome? You bet! In addition to a name and photo, Current Caller ID will show you where the caller’s area code is from and the weather forecast of that area. It will also show you the person’s most recent social media updates.

Current Caller ID also includes some awesome features that show you statistics about your calling and texting habits. You can see a pie chart of the last three months depicting your number of incoming and outgoing texts and calls, as well as the number of your missed calls. The app also generates a bar graph of when you call and text, which it uses to determine the best time to call or text you. Lastly, it displays the three people you contact most and what form of contact you prefer.

Current Caller ID is everything you would expect from Caller ID in the 21st century. It’s free and gives you the perfect context for your conversation.

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