Judicial Council finds Landgraf’s executive order unconstitutional

Connor Landgraf is the ASUC President.

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The ASUC Judicial Council found ASUC President Connor Landgraf’s use of an executive order in the recent ASUC elections unconstitutional on Tuesday, nullifying the health and wellness referendum, which would use student funds to build new fitness and wellness centers on campus.

Devonte Jackson, campus organizing director for the external affairs vice president’s office, filed the petition against Landgraf on May 1, claiming that Landgraf missed a constitutionally mandated deadline for issuing the executive order that placed the referendum on the ballot. The council ruled in Jackson’s favor, saying that Landgraf’s use of an executive order was “neither urgent nor necessary to the functioning of the ASUC,” according to the Judicial Council’s summary brief.

“We believe it goes against the spirit of the ASUC Constitution to allow the decision of one student place a fee referendum on the ballot when the Constitution and Bylaws have explicitly set out deadlines that were missed,” according to the brief.

According to the text of the ASUC Constitution, the president is vested with the authority  “To direct by Executive Order the taking of actions which are urgent and necessary to maintain the functioning of the A. S.U.C. until the Senate can again meet.”

More updates to follow.

Jackson v Landgraf Official Judicial Council Summary Judgment (Text)

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