Things we didn’t know we’d miss about Cal until we left

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All you’ve probably been thinking about these last few stressful weeks is, “I just want to go home.” You’ve probably been thinking about your own bed, how excited you are to ride in cars instead of the AC Transit and of course, that home cookin’. But after being home for a few days, you may have realized that you miss some of Cal’s quirks, like:

1. The Fat Squirrels. If you’ve ever sat by any building in the general proximity of the GBC, you’ve probably been approached by some substantially-sized squirrels. As you were munching away at that yogurt parfait, a squirrel probably approached you and you probably thought to yourself, “Wait, why would a squirrel want yogurt anyway?” After staring at the furry creature for a couple of seconds, you probably submitted to the fluffy charm after you realized you probably weren’t going to finish that yogurt anyway. And now, as you’re sitting back at home, abroad or anywhere else, we bet you’re feeling pretty guilty that that yogurt you’re currently eating is most likely just going to go to waste. You might be thinking to yourself, “Man, if only there were only a chubby squirrel here with me.” But being away from Berkeley doesn’t mean you have to be deprived of that fuzzy squirrel cuteness. The UC Berkeley squirrels have a a Facebook page that you can check out here.

2. The coming-and-going scent of … incense. Ah, the lovely surprise whiffs of that herbal goodness you get as you’re walking around campus. And by herbal goodness, we mean the spontaneous whiffs of burning incense, of course. When we first came to Cal, we never thought we’d get so accustomed to those surprise scents. But after being a student at Cal for at least one semester, those grassy parfums have become synonymous with Berk. And boy, do we miss those sweet little surprises.

3. GBC chicken tenders. We all know the feeling. It’s one of those late-for-class-with-an-empty-stomach moments at the GBC and you really want those sweet, succulent chicken tenders. You tell yourself, “But it’s so salty and oily and bad for me … ugh.” But you eventually surrender to your tastebuds or end up with a crispy chicken salad, which is just GBC chicken tenders on top of some lettuce. Either way, we miss you and your succulent deliciousness, GBC chicken tenders.

4. Procrastination talks with study buddies. During dead week and finals week the Clog knows you occasionally pushed studying aside to chat with your buddies (don’t lie). At the time you probably hated yourself for wasting precious study hours talking, but those conversations about how fun playing with chalk in the study room is, how ordering some Chinese takeout at 2 a.m. sounds like a great idea or even how weird it was that everyone on “Zoey 101” went to the coolest boarding school ever because they all had mopeds and never had to study were really great. And now that you have no studying to get done, pointless conversations are just not as meaningful to you anymore. We know. Life’s hard.

5. The sound of Michael Jackson songs coming from the guy who sits outside Asian Ghetto. We all know that we sing along every time we hear those catchy tunes as we’re walking by the Asian Ghetto. Every time we get Gypsy’s or Quickly, we are always welcomed by that awesome dude with his huge boombox tapping his feet to “Beat It” — he’s a badass and he knows it. He even holds up a sign during midterm season that says “Good luck with midterms!” So thanks for always being pleasant, guy who sits outside Asian ghetto playing Michael Jackson songs. You’d think listening to “Billy Jean” on repeat all day would get annoying, but you, sir, have proven us wrong. Thanks for always encouraging us during stressful infinite studying and reminding us to not stop til’ we get enough.

Do you have anything you’re particularly missing from Berk? Let us know in the comments!

Image source: richard_north under Creative Commons.

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