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2 convenient West Berkeley destinations for new apartment owners

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Mi Ranchito Bayside Market at 2032 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA


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MAY 22, 2013

After a year in the dorms, you either no longer mind the sound of urination two feet away from you, or you end up checking Craigslist apartment listings as often as you check Facebook. Dorm life can definitely be amazing, but it can also definitely suck at times. If you insist that the apartment life chose you, here are two West Berkeley destinations that can help make your new apartment lifestyle more convenient:

Mi Ranchito Bayside Market. Although considered the underdog compared to grocery store giants like Trader Joe’s and Safeway, this intimate West Berkeley neighborhood treasure should not be underestimated. This bayside market is stocked with fresh produce, drinks and your favorite canned classics. Run by friendly staff, it’s the perfect place to stock up your refrigerator at an affordable price. With a style reminiscent of East L.A., Mi Ranchito is the place to go for fresh pan dulce, tortillas, queso fresco and other Latin American favorites. Also, don’t forget to flash your Cal 1 Card! This San Pablo market place loves its UC Berkeley students as much as it loves serving its community. Students get a 5 percent discount on top of major savings.

Fourth Street Shopping Center. No matter where you’re going (unless you’re going to the Berkeley Marina), if you’ve passed San Pablo, you’ve probably gone too far. At first, it seems like the farther the 51B takes you down University Avenue, the more commuting hours you need to add to your schedule if you want to get your makeup, clothes and that Peet’s iced caramel latte you cannot live (and study) without. But shopping civilization is closer than it appears to be. Finding the Fourth Street shopping center is like finding that pot of gold down the University Avenue rainbow — except you’ll be more broke once you leave that rainbow. Need to give into your lipstick-buying compulsion? There’s no need to travel all the way to San Francisco when you could shop at stores like MAC Cosmetics and Bare Escentuals that are right in the area. RESCOMP can’t solve your problem for once? Schedule a Genius Appointment at Fourth Street’s Apple Store — the closest Apple store to campus. Twitching from finals week coffee withdrawals? Yes, there’s a Peet’s Coffee and Tea. You can also find stores that will satisfy your art, electronic, furniture, cafe, shoe and even lingerie needs.

It’s normal to feel slightly daunted by another big step into adulthood. Dorm life and apartment life both have their pros and cons, but making the transition to a new chapter in your life can be easy if you know what your resources are.  

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MAY 30, 2013

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