6 photos you’ll see on your Instagram feed this summer

Karen Kwaning /Staff
A street off Powell Street Bart Station in San Francisco. #SanFranciscan #nightlife

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Oh, summer. So beautiful. So picturesque. So going on Instagram.

Most of us savvy Instagram users can agree that summer life has never looked more golden — literally — through a Kelvin filter. Fortunately for us lucky Berkeley students, we’re free to roam around and make wonderful summer memories in the most gorgeous city by the Bay. So brace yourself, Instagram world.  Here are six Instagram snapshots you’re more than likely to come across this summer:

1. Berkeley’s bipolar skies. Foggy? Sunny? Hot? Cold? Document. Although Berkeley’s weather can be more random than your Tele-BEARS phase dates, it’s postcard gorgeous. No matter what our activities may be, it always does the soul good to take a second or two to admire the beautiful day Mother Nature carefully crafted before each sunrise.

2. Beach. Summer = beach? Duh. Why settle for a pool when you can spend summer lying on the sand admiring a seemingly infinite stretch of ocean water? Taking advantage of a coastal state is the best thing to do during the summer. Summer brings amazing sunsets and sunrises, and the water is usually at the right temperature — just comfortable enough to stand in to take a picture of you and your friends.

3. San Francisco. The city of San Francisco is as world-famous as Beyonce. While travelers from all over the world pay thousands of dollars to see the Golden Gate Bridge or check out the wackiness of Lombard Street, a trip to San Francisco is a free 40-minute bus ride for Cal students. It’s easy t0 forget that we live next to a world famous landmark amid all the essays and problems sets thrown at us.

4. Party like it’s 1999.  If you’re finna get ratchet, there’s no better time than the summertime. Chances are, you’ve got a ton more free time than you did during the semester. That pretty much means one thing: parties. Now that we have even more time to construct perfect party outfits, prepare to see pictures of the beginning of a “hella” memorable (or somewhat memorable) night on your Instagram feed.

5. Summer selfies. After literally working your butt off to get that hot summer body, how could you NOT document how much of a #baddie you are?

6. Food — and lots of it. Okay, so this is more of a year-round thing. Instagram was practically made for food photography. Food has definitely evolved from the caveman days. It’s become magical. It’s become art. There’s something incredibly intriguing about admiring a picture of a delicious plate of food. It’s as if through your iPhone 5, you’re experiencing the colors, the textures and the smells of a freaking yummy dish.

Maybe pictures aren’t literally worth 1,000 words, but they do say something. This summer, take as many pictures as your heart desires. #filter or #nofilter, Instagram pictures make it possible for you to relive the best moments of your summer when you find yourself back in Moffitt.

What kinds of photos usually appear on your Instagram during the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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