Getting around Berkeley

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Although perfect for grocery shopping, owning a car in Berkeley can be a hassle when dealing with traffic and parking. Student campus permits can run up to $327 per semester, and if you’re lucky enough to score street parking, watch out for the city’s parking enforcement officers, as they can be unforgiving. Plan on budgeting for a parking permit or parking tickets.


With 110 bus lines, AC Transit may be the most useful transportation method in Berkeley for those without cars. The fare is $2.10 per bus ride, but UC Berkeley students can ride free with the AC sticker issued by the campus, as it is included with registration fees. Although buses often run behind schedule, offers real time departures, so you can save time.


For traveling longer distances, BART allows you to move rapidly within the Bay Area without much of a hassle by running every 15 minutes on weekdays. However, BART tickets can be quite expensive, with a round trip from downtown San Francisco to Berkeley costing an average of $7.40. Using BART every day may be too pricey for some.


Biking provides easy traffic navigation throughout the city. Moreover, you are almost always guaranteed a place to park your bike. Berkeley ranks as the safest city in California with a population greater than 60,000 for walking and biking, the Berkeley Transportation Office reports. Just make sure to follow traffic rules, and invest in a good lock to avoid theft.

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