App of the week: Auto AirBears

Uday Mehta/Staff

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Name: Auto AirBears

Platform: Google Chrome

Price: Free

Mission: “Automatically logs into AirBears”

The dorms’ wireless service, ResComp, kicks you off the Internet at the conclusion of four hours online and requires you to enter your username and password every time. AirBears, the campus’s Wi-Fi, makes you log on every time you set foot on campus. Both of them have similarly disgusting login screens and a mysterious incompatibility with any browser’s password manager, which makes the experience all the more frustrating. Auto AirBears, this free and lightweight extension, acts exactly as its name would suggest. A one-time entry of your CalNet credentials expedites your Berkeley internet experience beyond the usually frustrating formalities. Now, accessing any website will do the due diligence for AirBears while you sit back and watch — and it only requires a single click on the ResComp network.

Though the keystrokes of your password may well have been engrained into your muscle memory, it’s pretty refreshing not to have to waste 20 seconds of your day (first world problems). And after you’ve stored your login information, you can even hide the button.

There’s only one obvious annoyance — the fact that it automatically goes through the login pages makes it inconvenient if you’re allowing a friend to use the computer. Naturally, this can be circumvented in one of two manners: either using your ninja reflexes to hit the “Stop” button on your browser when it’s on the login page or temporarily disabling the extension and re-enabling it when you regain control of your computer. Of course, leaving your computer unattended with this extension in play can be foolish — your parents could potentially access your grades on bSpace, your friends could look through embarrassing emails or a practical joker could drop you from a class on Tele-BEARS. The redeeming aspect of the app is that it doesn’t store your password in an accessible fashion.

In all, it’s a seamless application that makes your life infinitely easier. We’ll go ahead and give this one four Clogs — make sure to give it a download!

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