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4 ways going to UC Berkeley is like going to a summer music festival

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JUNE 05, 2013

Besides the heavy load of coursework that UC Berkeley provides, being at Cal can often feel like a hip summer indie music festival. Half the students (and nonstudents) you see walking and lounging around look like flower children, and you might often have to ask yourself, “If I were alive to go to Woodstock, is this what it would look like?” We at the Daily Clog decided to explore some of those little commonalities you might not notice on a day-to-day basis:

1. Most people look like they’re going to Coachella. If you’ve been around Cal on a nice warm day, you may have taken a look around and realized that everyone looks like a really hip Instagram photo waiting to happen. You may have the urge to ask yourself, “Do I go to UC Maxi Skirt?” or “Is that guy carrying that huge North Face backpack in order to carry all his concert supplies, like sunblock, a Camelbak water bottle and a nice blanket to sit on while he’s watching Portugal. The Man play?”

2. It smells like “that dank-dank” everywhere. You know it does, and no one needs to tell you that this one is true. Just like many summer music festivals, Berkeley has the quality of smelling very herbaceous — or, at least, many parts of Berk do. If Happy High Herbs on Channing Way had a tent at Bonnaroo or Coachella, sales would be through the roof! (Business proposal, guys — think about it.)

3. The music scene is super dope. Berkeley and the surrounding Bay Area is home to one of the most happening music scenes in the country. The Bay Area hosts music festivals every summer, including Outside Lands (check out the lineup here). Berkeley itself has hosted a number of amazing artists like Vampire Weekend, Green Day, She & Him, Bob Dylan, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver — essentially many active festival-goers’ dream line up.

4. Being on Memorial Glade is like being at a mini music festival. Sitting on your blanket and sunbathing on the grass of the Glade, you might feel like you’re at a summer music festival … just without the music. But once you put those headphones in, you’re at f***in Coachella, baby! You’ll really get this vibe during special events like Cal Day, when many of you sat back and relaxed on Memorial Glade, inhaled some precious fumes and enjoyed the gentle sounds of The Antlers.

What similarities do you see between Cal and music festivals? Let us know in the comments!

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JUNE 04, 2013

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