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5 famous San Francisco filming locations to visit

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Ashbury Street House: Used for exterior shots in Disney's sitcom "That's So Raven."


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JUNE 05, 2013

“Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening TV?”

If you automatically started singing after reading the first four words (from one our favorite sitcoms, “Full House”), then like us at the Daily Clog, you know that TV can be magic. In a short period of time, we get to experience laughter, sadness and the cliche-but-romantic love lives of our favorite sitcom and movie heroes and heroines. But, like all good shows and movies, the end inevitably comes, and the credits begin to roll. However, if you’re forever a fan of Disney’s “That’s So Raven,” kept your own diary after watching “The Princess Diaries,” still crack up watching Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams or can still sing the “Full House” theme song verbatim, here are some famous destinations to check out on your next San Francisco trip:

1. “Full House”: Alamo Square with the Painted Ladies. Just like Jesse, Danny, Joey and the rest of the gang did, go have a picnic at Alamo Square and enjoy the amazing view of the famous “Painted Ladies” with San Francisco’s skyline in the distance. Alamo Square is surrounded by the amazing mansions and architecture you fantasize about one day owning — after you pay your ridiculous student debt, of course.

2. “That’s So Raven”: Ashbury Street house. Located on Ashbury Street, this house was used in exterior shots for Disney’s “That’s So Raven” as one of the main settings for the adventures of Raven, Eddie and Chelsea. This show made us wish we could solve mysteries every day because of a friend’s weird-as-hell misleading visions.

3. “Mrs. Doubtfire”: Steiner Street house. Catch the 22 Filmore bus and find your way to this famous San Francisco home. Set as the Hillard family’s residence, 2640 Steiner St. still stands — just as it did in the 1993 comedy film.

4. “The Princess Diaries”: Brazil Avenue house. Portrayed as Princess Mia’s former humble and quite unique abode, this movie home is actually a vintage San Francisco fire station built in 1911, called Engine Company No. 43. Although this old fire station was originally built to protect the Excelsior Homestead District, it also served as the place where we share memories of Mia Thermopolis’ confusing struggle between being a teenager and a Genovian princess.

5. “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit”: Saints Peter and Paul Church. Located on 666 Filbert St., this beautiful Catholic church stands near Washington Square. Although the church is home to many San Francisco’s Catholic population, the movie industry cannot get enough of Saints Peter and Paul Church’s majestic presence. The church even served as a filming location for Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry.” Like Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, who took their wedding pictures in front of the church, you’ll want to capture the the majestic presence of this towering church.

Visiting these famous filming locations will bring back memories of your favorite hilarious and heartfelt stories and could even become locations that serve as the set of your own adventures.

Know of any famous San Francisco filming locations that would be cool to visit? Let us know in the comments!

Image Source: rocor under Creative Commons

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MAY 09, 2018

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