‘Save the Date:’ a videogame about ensuring the happiness (and survival) of your date

Matt Espineli/Staff

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Have you ever played a dating simulation game before? We at the Clog are aware that you’re not going to admit it if you have, but there is no denying that playing one can be sort of be fun … well, until you remember that none of it is real and that you’ve been courting an idealized nonexistent person for the past three hours. When you’re a student out on summer break who has rays of sun to catch and your significant other to see, it’s understandable that playing one of these games may seem vastly unappealing. However, thanks to some internet scouring, we at the Clog found a unique and clever, new, free-to-play dating game that everyone should try. It’s called “Save the Date.”

The scenario of the game is simple: You go out to dinner with someone. However, what seems like a really mundane situation soon becomes one of dire straits. You see, when you take this person out on a date, she is in danger of dying in freak accidents at every turn — à la “Final Destination.” So it’s your job to prevent that from happening. Or in other words, you have to “Save the Date.”

The concept of the game alone is pretty cool, but what makes it even crazier is the fact that the game knows when you fail and when you reload a previous save to try out other routes to prevent your date from dying. On retries, the dialogue options given to you will even reference knowledge you have gained in your past failures. Truly, it’s some really nutty stuff.

Anyway, we’d reveal more, but that would ruin the fun and surprise of playing it yourself. Sure, the game might make you swear off of going on dates for the rest of your summer break, but hey! At least you’ll have been entertained by this awesome game. We totally recommend playing it with friends, too, so you can blow their minds with the absolute meta-ness of it all. So definitely give “Save the Date” a shot. It is available for free download on the game’s website here for various PC platforms.

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