Flashback Friday: summer break!

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Summer is in full swing, and last semester’s classes feel like a distant memory. For those of us not partaking in another round of classes, we’ve got nothing but free time and a whole lot of it. Most of the time, summer recess is spent traveling, relaxing at home or maybe working a summer internship. Regardless, students are living it up and keeping themselves busy this summer. However,  summertime has made us at the Clog rather nostalgic about our own past summers. So come and take a Flashback Friday look with us at the magic of summer break!

Let’s flash back to elementary school. Memories of summer break begin with the ticking of a clock. It’s the last day of school for the year, and understandably, all of the kids in the classroom are staring at the clock’s every movement in anticipation of the last bell of the school day. The mood is tense but also of ease as the inevitability of freedom fast approaches. There is a sense of deliberation in the minds of the students who wait as the gateway of countless possibility soon starts to open its doors. And of course, just like that, the bell rings.

Before teachers get a chance to wave their final goodbye, students rush out of their classrooms with an obligatory sprint, yelling with glee while those who stayed behind the madness casually walk out with a silent but ever-present excitement. Summer has come, and the happiness in the air is potent.

As children, having so much free time led to a plethora of activities. But when it came down to it, those two and a half months were spent either going on vacation with the family to extravagant places like Disneyland or just going on adventures in your neighborhood (running around, playing sports, hanging out with friends or maybe just staying in doors to read or play video games). Leisure activities filled your summer with enjoyment and happiness. Times were simpler then. No work needed to be done. We just had to have fun.

Now this isn’t to say that we don’t have fun as adults during the summer; it’s just that responsibility tends to linger. As we’ve grown, we’ve learned to accept that. But when we think about the times we spent during this special time of the year as children, it’s hard not to miss it. Summer allows us to sit back and take a break from the academic stresses of school. And more importantly, it’s a time that allows us to make memories with our family and friends. It’s because of this that summer holds a warm place in our hearts.

Do you have any fond memories of the adventures you spent during the summer when you were younger? Feel free to share them the comments below!

Image source: atomicjeep under Creative Commons

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