Mac and cheese for days at Oakland’s Homeroom

Maryanne Ching/Courtesy

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If you’re a mac and cheese enthusiast, your response to the picture above may or may not have included drooling and crying tears of joy, followed by an awkwardly erotic food-gasm from this top-notch food porn. None of that soft-core Kraft bullsh*t.

If you reacted in any of these ways, then Oakland’s Homeroom is for you.

Homeroom’s menu features a number of delicious mac ‘n’ cheese dishes. If you’re in the mood for some bacon in your mac, try Homeroom’s Smokey Bacon Mac, a combination of rich and bold smoked cheddar, jack cheese and bacon. The menu also includes dishes like the restaurant’s Mexican Mac, a blend of chorizo and chipotle peppers, and Ivy Leaguer Truffle Mac, a gouda cheese take on truffle macaroni and cheese. The photo above is just a little tease of what you will actually get if you head to Homeroom.

If this post makes you uncomfortable, it’s highly suggested that you do NOT eat at Homeroom, because if you can’t handle this, then you will not be able to handle the multiple cheese-gasms you will experience simultaneously. But if you’re down for some upfront, live, in-your-face macporn, head out to Homeroom. Your waistband might regret it, but rest assured that your taste buds won’t.

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Homeroom is located at 400 40th St., Oakland, CA 94609.

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