Craving In-N-Out? Try Oscar’s

Karen Kwaning /Staff

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What sucks the most about not having a car in the Berkeley area? Not being able to easily get to In-N-Out. Relying on public transportation to take you out to Oakland or Richmond merely increases the craving for that burger that’s too delicious for words. The experience is miserable. But until you finally obtain a Zipcar membership to satisfy you and your famished buddies, a nice Downtown surprise awaits you along Shattuck Avenue.

If you decide to have a burger date at Oscar’s, make sure you’re not starving. Trust us. The closer you come to reaching your destination, the stronger the smell of delicious grilled patties wafts down the street, and you’ll likely be miserable. Although originally named Oscar’s Hot Dogs, Oscar’s cheeseburgers are to die for — and the staff knows it. As soon as you enter, they’re ready to get things cooking; just step up to the grill and place your order — Oscar’s grill is the center stage of the restaurant. Feast your eyes, and try to tame the fiercely starving bear as you watch your meal being made right before you.

If you’re a little adventurous, you’ll have plenty of options. Oscar’s menu is not as limited as In-N-Out’s. Besides having awesome burgers, fries and shakes, Oscar’s can serve up a chicken grilled sandwich, turkey burger, hot dogs, steak sandwiches, cookies and soft cones! So many calories, so little time. Veggie lovers can also join in on burger date-night: There’s always the option of having a classic veggie burger.

And on top of the definite weight-increasing deliciousness, Oscar’s is adorably decked out with Cal gear. It definitely makes sure to show its support for the Golden Bears, with a signed Cal jersey and numerous Cal flags and posters on the wall. It’s a burger place not really made by the students but definitely for the students.

Know of any local restaurants that serve delicious grilled burgers? Let us know in the comments!

Oscar’s is located at 1890 Shattuck Ave.

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