CREAM expands to Stanford

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Breaking news: More Bay Area locals will now be able to experience the sweet goodness that is a CREAM sandwich. CREAM, arguably a grand favorite of Berkeley and East Bay residents, will soon branch out and open another shop. While we applaud the expansion of our favorite supplier of sugary amazingness, we question its choice of real estate: Palo Alto.

We know that there are Cal students and alumni who hail from the South Bay and, especially in the summer, they certainly deserve to have CREAM closer to home. But which university’s students will most frequent downtown Palo Alto? Not Cal’s, but Stanford’s.

CREAM is there for us throughout the year during various points of the Cal school year: welcome week (when it’s appropriately summertime), the dead of December finals week, the odd March midterm study break or the farewell May celebration. We love our ice cream, no matter the weather, and we love CREAM even more. It’s disturbing to think that Stanford will have this same dessert opportunity when Berkeley is so well-known for it. Even college students who don’t go to Cal know Berkeley, not Stanford, for CREAM.

We would also like to point out that CREAM’s famous logo is blue and gold, not red and white.

This could be a call for peace between our university and the Farm. Maybe we will see past our longtime rivalry with Stanford and peacefully connect through our mutual love for ice cream.

Just kidding. What world do you think we’re living in? Some animosities can never be soothed — not even by the delight of a mint double chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

Image source: Alan Nakkash, under Creative Commons

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