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JUNE 18, 2013

It was 2 a.m. on a weekday night when I decided to take a short break from Yeezus and throw an impromptu solo dance party in my pajamas. This week’s selection of songs turn up the energy and take on playful, pop-y sounds with a dash of R&B, electro and a little bit of that extra somethin’ special. Enjoy!

Disclosure – F For You

By no means am I an advocate for house music (no offense), but I readily admit to having a soft spot for UK dubstep and the type of R&B-infused dance music that bands like SBTRKT and artists like Jessie Ware are bringing to the table. Disclosure is new news to me — the duo’s debut album, Settle, is energetic, polished and fun as hell. “F For You” is just one playful track off the full-length, which I highly recommend as we get closer and closer to Pride weekend.

Toro Y Moi – New Beat

Chaz Bundick would be the perfect host to the disco of my dreams. Aside from having stellar dance moves in the forest, he always goes beyond the bedroom pop genre and delivers total sonic satisfaction. “New Beat” is a funk-filled throwback to the wonderful 2011 record, Underneath the Pine.
*P.S. In my SoundCloud search, I stumbled upon this gem of a mash-up of Usher and Toro by The Hood Internet, hilariously titled, “So Many Climaxes.” Thoughts?

Cakes Da Killa – Whistle (Beat it Up)

It’s time for a twerk break. Cakes Da Killa, aka 21-year-old Rashard Bradshaw, is another big player in the queer NYC rap scene. He’s the sassiest rapper out there and deservingly so because he’s fierce as f*** and he raps like rapid fire. Get wild to “Whistle (Beat it Up),” which is off his Easy Bake Oven EP and check out “Goodies,” which is off his newest mixtape, The Eulogy.

Dornik – Something About You

Dornik is another example of more exhilarating, unexplored territory. His voice cracks in at the beginning of “Something About You” and those vocals in question are smooth, drugged-out perfection. My initial thoughts put him in the same game as Abel Tesfaye of The Weeknd and lean towards a lot of soul and funk influences, especially from the Jackson 5.

Solange – Lovers in the Parking Lot

Solange’s last EP, True, is quite a delight. It’s like the soundtrack to some fabulous 80s romance film, a teen dream in all the right ways with its sultry vocals and silky beats. Having dabbled with different sounds in the past, she really stayed true to herself with this record, so hopefully we’ll get to see a full-length album sometime in the near future.

Mates of State – Palomino

Mates of State is this adorable husband-and-wife duo made up of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel. It was difficult to choose just one track to feature off of their 2011 album, Mountaintops, but “Palomino” kind of makes you wanna run around in a sunny field and sing “wooo-ooooh” at the top of your lungs with its ridiculously catchy, feel-good pop vibes. Find a spot of sunshine outside, press play, and don’t be too surprised if you find yourself with a big smile on your face the entire time.

Purity Ring – Grammy

Last, but certainly not least, is a jammer by one of my favorite bands, Purity Ring. You might not even realize at first that it’s a cover of a Soulja Boy original, but once you do, you’ll see exactly why the band makes it on to every other playlist I get the chance to curate. The Canadian duo, Megan James and Corin Roddick, are a force to be reckoned with, and their album, Shrines, is a glistening masterpiece with its meticulous construction that takes synth beats, drum machines, and delectable vocals to a new level.

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JUNE 20, 2013

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