Summer TV … or a lack thereof

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Have you ever noticed how all our favorite TV shows seem out to get us? They lure us in with the promise of entertainment, all the while anticipating and plotting our academic downfall. It’s the work of evil geniuses, we swear.

Okay, so we sound like a ridiculous new type of paranoid conspiracy theorist. But think about it. Shows start their new seasons just as school starts up again … and they have  their season finales just as finals rear their unbelievably ugly heads. They leave you at the edge of your seat, dying to find out if your favorite fictional couple will finally hook up or if the world will come to an end (if you’re into the more dramatic, semi-apocalyptic type of stuff that is) — and you have to make the excruciating decision of either watching the last episode or trekking off to the library. Seriously, who has the willpower to do that? It’s as if they want us to fail our classes.

Now, assuming all you UC Berkeley kids reading this were smart enough to avoid that grisly fate, you’d expect there to be some sort of reward during summer. School’s out, and while you may still be busy being all productive and successful (good job, fellow Bears), there’s still more time to indulge in some good ol’ mindless television. But once again, everyone seems out to get us poor students. Remember those finales we were desperate to watch earlier? Well, in addition to mockingly tempting us away from studying, they also happen to mark the end of the season. Meaning there won’t be any more of that show until after summer. Right around the time classes start up again. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle.

This lack of shows leaves June through August looking rather empty. Of course, you could always catch up on all those movies and shows you never got the time to watch before. But unless you’ve been hoarding A LOT of those, you won’t have three months’ worth of staring at the screen. We guess this could be the network execs’ way of getting us to spend less time on the couch and more time doing stuff like, we don’t know, enjoying the summer sun. But we find our theory of laughing at suffering students more likely.

There’s no need to completely despair, though. Some shows have summer premieres. “Pretty Little Liars” fans have reason to rejoice, as the show recently aired its summer premiere for season four. Maybe if you’re starved for entertainment, you could start that show if you haven’t already. It would be an excuse to keep out of the pesky outdoors. Sunshine and beaches? Hah, no thank you. More mind-numbing TV please!

Are there any summer TV shows you’re looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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