Supreme Court orders lower courts to reconsider affirmative action case

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The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered lower courts to reexamine their decision in the case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, which considered the constitutionality of using race in university admissions.

Abigail Fisher, a white student, brought a lawsuit against the University of Texas at Austin claiming she was rejected for admission in 2008 due to discrimination prohibited by the 14th Amendment. The university argued it had an interest in pursuing limited diversity for its educational benefits.

The Supreme Court said the Fifth Circuit court did not hold the University of Texas at Austin to the burden of strict scrutiny as laid out in previous affirmative action cases and that the decision affirming the district court’s grant of summary judgment to the university was incorrect.

“The Court of Appeals must assess whether the University has offered sufficient evidence that would prove that its admissions program is narrowly tailored to obtain the educational benefits of diversity,” the opinion states.

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