Why Cal men are better than Disney princes

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Most girls grow up admiring the love lives of our favorite Disney princesses. They had it all (or what we thought was most important then): perfect boobs, no split ends, beautiful, flowing dresses that succinctly conveyed the main theme of their lives and perfect Ariana Grande-like voices that had the power to make random woodland animals sweep their kitchens. But on top of all of that, they had their perfect Disney men. Ever since we were 7 years old, a bunch of us couldn’t resist the handsome faces and wonderful personalities of those Disney princes. Although Berkeley life can be anything but a fairy tale, we believe at the Clog that our Berkeley men can be so much better than any fairy tale prince.

Remember Snow White’s boo? We don’t blame you if you can’t. After all, he shows up in the Disney movie, like, twice. Sure, he had a voice like a sweet baby angel, but there are only two things this guy does: He shows up to fall in love with Snow White and shows up to save her after she’s almost dead. If there’s anyone who takes the saying “ride or die” literally, it’s him. But here at Cal, our men know better than that. Cal guys can be there not only for the wonderful beginning or horrible end. They can also be there for you during everything in between.

Then there was Prince Charming. Now he can easily be considered the fairest of them all. He was tall, dark and hella sexy — we all knew this even before we hit puberty. Also consider that the first encounter between Cinderella and Prince Charming is actually quite similar to some Berkeley prerelationship encounters. After a night of dancing and partying, you may have realized that you have fallen in love with your dance partner at first song. Although Prince Charming shows similarities to our special guys, he just isn’t quite the same. Prince Charming’s plan on how to find Cinderella allows us to highlight what we love about Berkeley men: their intelligence. Not only could a Berkeley guy figure out that there are plenty of people in the world with a certain shoe size, but they can definitely rock the books too.

When we first met Prince Naveen, it was almost too familiar. Here was another good-looking guy with perfect hair and dimples, making all of the girls fall in love with him. Typical. It is only after Prince Naveen is turned into a frog and falls in love with soon-to-be princess Tiana that we see those Berkeley characteristics. After falling in love with Tiana, Prince Naveen promises to dedicate his time to helping making her dreams come true. Our Berkeley men, like our women, actively take part in a university that has a dedication for bettering the world like no other university.

What may be one thing that our Cal men don’t have? A magic flying carpet. Sorry, Berkeley boys, but Aladdin is probably the cutest thief we’ll ever meet. This fella stole our hearts after we rewatched his mischievous, romantic ways. But like Aladdin or any other guy, our Cal men get nervous too. If a guy’s smarts and good looks aren’t enough, he’ll look for ways to successfully woo the apple of his eye. However, honesty is always held as a priority. But if things aren’t going according to plan, they’re always quick on their feet and ready to help save the day.

What we love the most about our Cal men is that they aren’t carefully constructed cartoon characters. They are different and unique individuals. Here’s to the Cal gents who respect their girls and make them feel like the princesses they’ve always dreamed of being.

In what ways is your favorite Disney prince like our Cal men? Share with us in the comments!

Image source: Loren Javier under Creative Commons 

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