SF Pride 2013: Celebrating the queer arts community

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The San Francisco City Hall celebrated SF Pride Week by projecting the rainbow flag onto its facade.

In honor of Pride week, the Daily Californian A&E is bringing you the best of the queer arts community.

Pride and Privilege: For all the invisible queers

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Meg Elison shares her experience of growing up with an openly gay friend in a deeply conservative town and asks the silent LGBTQIAA members to stand up in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage.

‘I’m So Excited’ does not live up to its title

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Pedro Almodovar’s latest movie “I’m So Excited” is not worth its title and is utterly forgettable.

The other sexism in gaming

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Queer gamers seek to create safer gaming spaces in wake of cissexist comments.

Queer Women of Color Film Festival spotlights social justice issues


In its ninth year, the festival includes a line-up of 57 short films examining queer life.

Lead from ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ reflects on how the show resonates with genderqueer community

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Lead actor Wade McCollum discusses the different reactions to the show in small and large cities.

Genderqueer fashion gets political in San Francisco

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Bay Area designers combine fashion with political activism in advocating for LGBT rights.

Gay penguin play delights in San Francisco

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Marc Acito’s heart-warming play follows same-sex penguins in love at Central Park Zoo.

Fresh Meat Festival gives a stage to queer performers

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Founded in 2002, the festival provides an innovative and groundbreaking medium for queer performers and dancers to express their art.