5 signs of summer in Berkeley

Elsa Pearson/Staff
Student takes in sunset atop Kingman Hall.

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After finals, most Berkeley students scatter across the globe to study abroad, visit families, explore and party. The city left behind is altogether different. Here are a few signs that summer has hit Berkeley:

1. Open tables at Caffe Strada. Bustling and booming during the year, this cool and close cafe is humbled by the end of finals week and the pledges of students campuswide giving up their caffeine addictions.

2. Pine smell on the Fire Trails. The redwoods in the hills, which don’t like it very hot, dust the trails with the smell of their resin. Those with seasonal allergies might want to hike in the morning or late afternoon when it’s cooler.

3. No one takes the fog seriously. When it’s summer and rainy in Berkeley, everyone just wonders when it will be sunny again. On foggy days this summer, expect to see students in shirts, skirts and shorts rebelling against cool weather of any kind.

4. On frat row, there are fewer “walks of shame” (or strides of pride). Fewer students and parties mean one thing for walks of shame: fewer sightings. Plus, lighter summer school schedules allow everyone to party throughout the week rather than packing all the fun into one night.

5. Movies sell out on Sundays. Catching the late-night showing of “Monster’s University” or “This is the End” on opening weekend? Forget the snack. Ditch the friend who takes forever to get ready. Get there early because everyone else is going to the movies, too. Not convinced? Think of it this way: Take the lackluster number of blockbusters this summer compared to last, and multiply it by it’s-Sunday-in-a-college-town, and you’ll get lines and crowds at the theaters on Shattuck Avenue. Few things suck more than missing a good movie on an otherwise sleepy night. For a flickering moment, you feel as empty as campus is in the middle of a hot summer day.

Dog plays with shadow on Memorial Glade.

Dog plays with shadow on Memorial Glade. Credit: photo department.

What are some surefire signs of a Berkeley summer to you? Let us know in the comments!

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