Twerk Team goes viral in San Francisco

Uday Mehta/Staff

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For those of you who have not heard of twerking — to say, those of you who fall under the elderly, Caucasian demographic — it has swept our already-sexually-promiscuous country with its motto of “shake, wobble and jiggle” in 2013. Regardless of whether the word derived from (foo)twork or twist-and-jerk, it seems like everyone from high school students — who were later arrested — to Miley Cyrus have made a twerking video of some kind. The Bay Area’s hardly an exception.

Three girls — forming a “Twerk Team” that Waka Flocka Flame would be proud of — romped around the streets and edifices of San Francisco to show off their backsides to some extremely confused passersby. In their YouTube video, which has gone viral in a span of five days, the trio showcased just how proud they were of their booty shakes in an assortment of places, including laundromats, grocery stores, restaurants, on buses and BART.

Reactions were mixed among the onlookers, who are easily the best part of the video considering that it is largely impossible to ignore three imposingly suggestive dancers and a conspicuous cameraman. We’re immediately treated to a captivated young white man a few seconds in and a dreadlocked fellow remarkably reminiscent of Lil Wayne about half a minute later. Somewhere in the middle, a seated woman recoils from the oncoming twerker as if the very air around them were riddled with sexually transmitted diseases. The Asians in the crowd tended to stare intently at their rear ends and proceeded to capture the whole thing on their phones. Another guy had the horrible misfortune of having his Go Car — a costly rental — twerked upon. There’s even a somewhat amused dog wearing sunglasses about a third of the way through.

The diners at the end did give them a good send-off, though, showering them in applause as a very disgruntled security officer escorted the team out the door.

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