Why we love Fentons Creamery

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When it comes to great ice cream destinations like Ici and CREAM, Fentons Creamery is definitely a treasured Bay Area ice cream parlor. Fentons Creamery is the perfect place for gatherings, dates, kids and especially those who are kids at heart. And Pixar also agrees! Fentons was featured in Pixar’s animated film “Up.” How can we forget when we were left with those fuzzy feelings in our stomachs when the movie ended with Russell, Mr. Fredricksen and Dug enjoying some ice cream cones on a curb in front of this adorable creamery? How lucky are we that this animated place exists in real life and that it’s practically an AC Transit ride away! And let’s face it: Most everyone loves ice cream, especially us at the Daily Clog. Here are some reasons why Fentons Creamery is one of our all-time favorite ice cream places:

1. Original creators of Rocky Road ice cream. Yes! Fentons is believed to be the place where Rocky Road ice cream was invented. However, some believe that those who worked for Dreyer’s ice cream were the original creators. The story is actually pretty cool. It’s believed that Fentons’ candy maker George Farren made a rocky road candy bar and blended it into ice cream. Some of Farren’s friends, William Dreyer and Joseph Edy, thought the idea was genius and decided to make their own version of Rocky Road ice cream. Their version, however, substituted almonds for walnuts. Who knew?

2. Even Pixar producers can’t get enough of Fentons. Fentons Creamery didn’t just randomly pop up in “Up.” It so happens that director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera and other Pixar employees get their regular ice cream fix at Fentons. You never know — maybe one day you’ll be enjoying an ice cream with the makers of one of the best feel-good movies of our generation.

3. Spot memorabilia from the much-loved Pixar film “Up.” Like Pixar’s hidden easter eggs, there are some “Up” items placed around the creamery. If you haven’t watched the film right before your ice cream trip, a movie still of Mr. Fredricksen, Russell and Dug will bring back that happy feeling of wanting to enjoy a simple cone of ice cream. Also, don’t miss Dug chilling in the parlor. Can you find the picture and Dug? (Can you also tell we really love “Up”?)

4. Get ready for the cow bell. If you’re thinking of spending your birthday in Fentons, you definitely won’t be disappointed. With such a friendly staff — almost as animated as the Pixar film — good food and amazing ice cream, you’ll be surrounded by good vibes. However, if you’re kind of an introvert, you probably don’t want these happy people knowing it’s your birthday. If it is, you’ll be called out! Soon, you’ll have the whole Fentons crew and everyone in the parlor singing “Happy Birthday to You.”

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Image Source: andrew.kwaning under Creative Commons 

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