4 things to remember when you’re feeling that summertime ‘blah’

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These days, unless you’re one of those people who is on an adventure in some magical place (We hate you. Just kidding. Sort of.), you’ve hit those summertime blues. It’s about halfway through your summer, and you’ve hit a wall. Lately, it seems like every silver lining has a cloud, and work, summer school at Cal or just sitting around at home are harshing your groove. Whether you’re at home or at Cal, you may be starting to feel some of these summer dispirits. So we’ve got a couple of tips to help you liven up:

1. A very wise person once said, “COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” If you’re in Berkeley, head to Caffé Strada, Café Milano or a Berkeley original, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and get yourself some delicious form of caffeine, like Strada’s Iced House Coffee or Milano’s Mocha Bianca. These delicious drinks will get your blood pumping, push you to study harder or help you get some work done in a relaxing Berkeley environment. It may even get those creative blocks out of the way and get those inspired brain juices flowin’.

 2. Werk, werk, werk out. This doesn’t have to involve heading to the gym to spend hours on an infinite running torture machine otherwise known as a treadmill. Get outside, go hiking on one of Berkeley’s fabulous hiking trails, take a class at the RSF! These will get you and your endorphins running, and you’ll probably feel like a much better person after completing your exercise. There’s something about twerkin’ out (literally, if you like to get a lil’ cray) that one should always remember — you usually will never regret doing it.

3. Write something like a cool, hip, (probably good-looking) Daily Clog blogger would. Whether you’re a “good” writer or a “bad” writer, if you’re a Cal student, we’re pretty sure you’ve got at least one writing bone in that body. And if you’re feeling blah, writing can be a great reliever of stress or creative outlet and can also make you feel like a cool, artsy hipster to remind you that you go to UC Berkeley. Those writing bones may not be manifest, but give it a try. You’ll never know until you do. (Protip: The Campus Store on Euclid Avenue sells nifty Moleskine journals, the brand approved by every artsy writer ever.)

 4. Treat yourself. This is probably the opposite of tip number two, but food is a gift, and we all need to learn to embrace it. If you’re a consistently healthy eater, this might be considered a “cheat day” in which you indulge in the sweet (or savory) flavors of YES-ness and allow your taste buds to have the foodgasms they deserve. Take your taste buds for a test run at CREAM, Homeroom, Toss (in Downtown Berkeley) or one of the many restaurants in Berkeley that is a guaranteed pleaser. Allowing said taste buds to enjoy this full-body experience will be more than satisfying — we promise. (Wink wink, click click.)

Image source: Tanozzo under Creative Commons

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