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4 silly little problems that you'll encounter as a Cal student

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JULY 23, 2013

Last week we talked about Ramadan and how not eating from sunrise until sunset can make you appreciate food — and water — a lot more. But those aren’t the only things people take for granted, are they? Now, the last thing the Clog wants to do is lead you down a guilt trip, but you have to admit there’s some stuff we grumble about that’s just plain silly. We thought we’d share with you some tiny little problems that honestly shouldn’t amount to any frustration but that we find funny when you stop to think about them.

Your shampoo and conditioner never finish at the same time. This may not happen as much to those of us with short hair, but for those long-haired, people it’s a constant annoying fact! You use less conditioner than shampoo, so there’s still a lot left when your shampoo runs out. Do you just buy shampoo and then have no conditioner left later or buy both at the same time? It’s a never-ending cycle, and it bugs the heck out of people who shower regularly (which we hope includes anyone reading this). But when you stop to breathe, you realize there are worse things that could happen to you. Chances are, you can afford the pesky bottles, so that’s always something to celebrate. And if one runs out first, just go to Bear Market and use your meal points to buy some overpriced hair product instead of taking the bus to Target. Or take that freshman trying to be popular with you and use his or hers. Or just buy shampoo with conditioner in it. Problem solved.

The barista at Peet’s got your order wrong. Gosh, could your day get any worse? First you missed your alarm and had to run to class all the way in Stanley. Then you had to run back because you forgot the paper you had due on your desk. Now, when you desperately need to wake up, they give you someone else’s decaf coffee instead of your extra shot of espresso. Oh, the horror! How dare the person being paid minimum wage — who probably didn’t get enough sleep last night either — mix up our orders? Since we’re pretty sure you’ve caught on to our tone by now, we’ll switch to the “so what” portion of our spiel. We’ve all had this happen to us at cafes and restaurants. It sucks because sometimes we all really want decaf to get through class or that packet of hot sauce because — well just because hot sauce! And that’s OK. But maybe the other person was having a bad day too, so cutting them some slack and doing some breathing exercises to keep from turning into the Hulk wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Wi-Fi won’t connect. AirBears can be  a pain in the ass. Anyone with a CalNet ID and smartphone knows that. So when you want to avoid using data and wracking up your phone bill, you wish it would just freaking cooperate and let you connect! Sometimes you really need to check your email to make sure a professor got back to you or see if the final grade for your midterm has been posted yet. But other times, you just want to see if that hottie from Bio accepted your friend request. So is cursing the network and entire UC system really worth the frown lines? Once in a while, it makes sense. It’s not like we at the Clog haven’t done it! But just try not to walk around always glued to your screen waiting for the notification that tells you you’re connected to Facebook — uhh, we mean the Internet.

You have an 8 a.m. We admit that this is the hardest to think logically about. Why on Earth would you schedule a class at that unnatural hour? We sometimes have difficulty waking up for our lectures at noon, so how are students supposed to work single digits? And when you wake up that bleary-eyed, there’s really not much clear thinking to be had. All the same, we should still give a half-conscious salute to those classes. We hate to pull this card, but lots of people would give a lot more than fewer hours of sleep for our education. Either you were smart enough to get in, or you could afford to. Just kidding — this isn’t Stanfurd. Either way, you’re pretty lucky to be able to call yourself a Cal student. Be proud! And be thankful when you’re staggering to those early morning lectures!

Moral of the story: Think of the bigger picture. Take some things into perspective, and try to think more positively. It sounds totally cliche, but we think it’ll make your life easier. Bonus: People will probably think you’re nicer, too.

Image source: -Curly- under Creative Commons. 

Contact Erum Khan at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @erumjkhan.

JULY 22, 2013

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