Garlic galore in Gilroy with special promotion for Berkeleyans

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Looking for something to do this weekend? How about a trip to Gilroy for some garlic rosemary chicken sandwiches or garlic lumpia, with garlic ice cream for dessert?

You got it. The Gilroy Garlic Festival is running its 35th celebration this Friday through Sunday. We all know the charming smell of garlic browning on a skillet, the vital role of minced garlic in a brine for chicken and how that creamy roasted garlic can liven up a margherita pizza. There’ll be no shortage of lip-smacking savory dishes with garlic at the festival. Besides, there are garlic desserts. Not something you can get every day.

What’s even more special about this year’s festival, to us Cal-ers at least, is the garlic-infused cream puff and garlic almond brittle from two of our very own Cal Dining executive chefs, Ida Shen and Mary Ferrer. Imagine a baked choux pastry filled with a creamy blend of ricotta, orange zest, whipped cream, sugar and grated garlic. It most definitely will not be too sweet or too strong — it’s just screaming awesomeness. They are entering a competition on Friday, and if they win, they will make their recipe public. In the mean time, cheer them on while nibbling some garlicky finger foods.

Check out the booths that will be at this year’s festival. Tickets with 20 percent discounts are available to the entire UC Berkeley community on the Garlic Festival ticket website (promo code “Bears”). And really, what’s a better way to wind down after your exams than taking a drive south in this beautiful weather and eating a load of good food?

Image source: Allan Chatto under Creative Commons

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