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Playlist of the week: time to SWEAT

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JULY 25, 2013

It’s summertime, and that means more time to get those tennis shoes on, that butt twerkin’, those arms … flailing? I mean, we don’t know what you like to do, but we do know that summer is the time to exercise. Whether you’re at Cal or elsewhere, getting yourself pumped up to exercise can be a difficult process. So what’s more helpful for said activities than a couple of awesome pump-up songs? Well we can’t think of anything else, so here are a couple of tunes to help get you in the zone.

1) Fountains of Wayne, Stacy’s Mom (Singularity x Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix)

2) Riton feat. Sage the Gemini, “Gas Pedal

3) James Young, “Dark Star (Kiely Rich Remix)”

4) Jeff Zheng, “Dimensions

5) Hardwell, “Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

6) Kanye West, “New Slaves (DJ Snake Remix)

7) Smallpools, “Dreaming (The Chainsmokers Remix)

8) Karmin, “Acapella

Have any music suggestions that help you get PUMPED? Let us know in the comments!

Image source: will ockenden under Creative Commons

Contact Gabrielle Nguyen at [email protected]

JULY 24, 2013

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