5 reasons Cal might be the easiest time of your life

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So you’re at the No. 1 public university in the country. Living up to the prestige of our cherished school is probably the most difficult experience you’ve ever had in your life. But despite all the stress — the early morning classes and late night paper-writing — college is a wonderful time, especially at Cal, so appreciate the perks you have here as long as you can.

1. You don’t have to get up nearly as early as you would for a job. We admit that maybe you’re that unlucky student with the 8 a.m. discussion by yourself. But even with that unfortunate class time, you’ll never have classes from 9 to 5 — with no breaks — for five days a week.

2. You know what you’re supposed to do. Write a paper? No problem. Talk to your GSI. Contribute to discussion? Please, you know how to work bSpace. Once you get a job and step into the “real world,” you’ll have to figure new things out all over again.

3. You could just not show up. We’re definitely not recommending this, because we’re sure your professor — and whoever is monitoring your GPA — will notice eventually. But in the short term, you won’t get kicked out if you skip class without telling anyone. Try that with your boss.

4. You have some long breaks between classes or days without class at all. Get a job, and you’ll (hopefully) be working five days a week for at least eight hours a day. While steady paychecks are wonderful, say goodbye to your 3 p.m. nap — unless you somehow find a forward-thinking employer who values your night-owl circadian rhythm.

5. You don’t have to get dressed … not really. We don’t recommend tripping around in your PJs every day of the semester, but school is a time when you might just be able to get away with that. In the working world, it’s really not the best impression to make at a professional job.

There’s plenty of stress to be experienced during the summer, but it isn’t unbearable. College will end at some point, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

Image source: Kenneth Moyle under Creative Commons

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