4 things you’ll forget after living in this year’s crowded student housing

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Just when we thought that it couldn’t get worse, it did. Actually, that’s not true; we think we all could see this coming. With a record-breaking number of incoming freshmen, it’s been reported that some student floor lounges may be turned into bedrooms. Also, remember how big your double was? Imagine one more person squeezed into the mess you and your roommate would create.

So screw wanting some damn space to breathe! In light of this insanity, we highlighted some things you might forget after learning how to live under packed living conditions:

1. Getting rid of your bodily waste in private. Who knew how sweet the days were when you could just poop and pee without worrying what people thought. Seriously, who knew! Who knew that POOPING and PEEING could be such a social problem. But screw it.  Soon, the memories of you and your home toilet will fade away. Although it takes some time to adjust, you’re eventually going to have to not worry about what people are thinking when you gotta do what you have to do.

2. Having secrets. Think you know some things that other people don’t? Think again. Living around so many people, you can almost be sure that when you think there’s no one listening, THERE IS.

3. Silence. Enjoy the last moments of sitting by yourself in an empty room. Sometimes, not even our libraries are that silent. The sound of no sound is something you probably won’t run into until after you graduate.

4. How to study. Living with so many fun people definitely has its consequences. Although your study strategies are bound to change when in a different type of school setting, changes will also have to accommodate those inevitable social distractions.

Although this is a bit depressing, there is always a happy side. Dorm life is a unique situation that very few people find themselves in. It’s a short kind of life that will only last for so long. But for now, it seems like apartment owners are the true winners.

What are you not looking forward to due to the extreme scarcity in campus housing? Let us know in the comments!

Image source: CanAssist African Relief Trust under Creative Commons 

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