40 more signs you went to UC Berkeley


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Cal alumni Louis Peitzman — a former arts and entertainment editor and a former Sex on Tuesday columnist at The Daily Californian — and Ariane Lange of Buzzfeed fame teamed up recently to create this love letter to Cal. It went viral. In The Daily Clog’s debut use of GIFs, we have composed this updated  list of 40 more signs to recognize a Golden Bear in 2013.

1) You’ve hoarded almost all of your school supplies from Caltopia.


They are giving away free Xbox 360s? Gimme!

2) You’ve mastered the ninja art of flier-dodging on Sproul.


3) You start running when you hear, “Girl Scout cookies for sale!”


4) Or when you see Top Dog empty. 


Lemon chicken or Smoked chicken apple? Decisions, decisions …

5) But to get your CREAM sandwich fix,


That glorious first bite…

6) You will endure anything.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.16.12 PM

The line starts two blocks away? It just began to rain? Challenge accepted.

7) You wonder whether you spend more time looking for an open seat at Moffitt than you do actually studying.


8) And whether finding an open spot at FSM is even possible.


Seriously. Where did all you people come from?

9) To avoid the late-night lines at RSF, you try to get there early.


10) But all your exercise actually comes from the trek back to your room.


RSF to Foothill? More like Shire to Mt. Doom.

11) You know why blue and gold are the most appropriate colors


Nathan Adrian, three-time Olympic Gold medalist.

12) And have so many reasons to watch the Olympics


Dana Vollmer, four-time Olympic medalist.

13) From the soccer field


Alex Morgan, one-time Olympic gold medalist and 2012 U.S. Soccer Player of the Year

14) To the water course


Erin Cafaro, two-time Olympic gold medalist in rowing.

15) And even the swimming pool


*12-time Olympic medalist. Tied for most medals won for an American woman.

16) Look out, Rio, Cal Bears coming through!


Missy Franklin, four-time Olympic gold medalist.

17) And we mean, seriously …


Dana Vollmer, Natalie Coughlin and Nathan Adrian recreate “Abbey Road” with Michael Phelps

18) You watch movies to find Berkeley references


Now what gate does that look like?

19) Or television shows with familiar personalities


Professor Farnsworth of Futurama is inspired by campus philosophy professor Hubert Dreyfus.

20) And appreciate alumni contribution to college classics


John Cho promoting “Harold and Kumar.”

20) And generational icons.


Cho along with Chris Pine in Star Trek.

21) Sometimes the alumni are generational icons.


Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc., delivering the 2013 commencement address at UC Berkeley.

22) Others will lead nations


Haakon Magnus, crown prince of Norway.

23) And all lay claim to the single best mascot of any university.


What you got, Stanfurd??

24) Speaking of which, you turn into an animal during The Big Game


Let those Cardinals know true school pride.

25) And remain an animal for concerts at the Greek Theater.


Green Day is playing? To the Hill, everybody! Who’s with me?

26) You get a heart attack each time you find this in your inbox.


But you secretly admire the subtle passive-aggressiveness.

27) You’ve been aggressively advanced upon by a squirrel


28) And aren’t surprised to find evidence of hipsters in every bathroom stall


29) Or that every class has at least one hipster GSI.


30) You know where to find wizards in your backyard

7166886365_b8beded6c9 (1)

Bowles = Hogwarts.

31) And have seen Muggles play Quidditch on Memorial Glade.


32) You wonder if the T-Rex from Jurassic Park

8405465344_305abf75e7 (1)

33) Was inspired by the giant skeleton in the Valley Life Sciences Building.


34) You have a go-to favorite picture of the Campanile


35) For every


36) Single

rain campanile

37) Possible 

Campanile with Trees

38) Occasion.


39) When someone says you “go to UCB,”


40) You tell ’em, “I go to Cal.”


You know it. You tell the story. You tell the whole wide world this is bear territory!

This article was made in collaboration with Emily Chin of the multimedia department. 

Image sources: Incase, AstrobuddhaRSammer. Hakan Dahlstrom, Kate Gardiner, MIke_fleming,  John Morgan , D.H.Parks, bil_bly_ca, wallyg under Creative Commons and Arya Aliabadi, Ruby Elizabeth Lee, J. Hannah Lee, Dean Ignacio, Anthony Martinez, courtesy

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