4 reasons we want to go back to Berkeley ASAP (Rocky)

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If you’re back at home for the summer, it’s probably been a little while since you’ve been back in good ol’ Berk. Being at home is nice and relaxing, and the break that you’ve had has probably given you enough time to recover from last semester’s stress. But for most, if not all, of us there is a point where we realize, “It would be really nice if I could just go back to Berkeley right now.” Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. We love our families, but … we’re ready to go back to being on our own again. If you’re back at home this summer, you’ve probably had the opportunity to spend time with your parents and your siblings, but the consistent clean-your-rooms and could-you-run-some-errands-for-me-todays are getting old. We love you, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and don’t take this this the wrong way, but we need a little Berkeley break from you guys. And if we’re all being honest here, you probably need your break from us, too!

2. We miss our Berkeley buddies. At Berkeley, you get to share some of your best and worst moments with some of the coolest people around you. Yeah, every so often your best friend or roommate might leave her shoes on your side of the room, and you might kick them (literally) over to her side without telling anyone (and it might be one of your biggest pet peeves). But after a period of time without that in your life, you oddly begin to miss it. We love our high school friends and our hometown friends, but after a while, we need Berkeley bud(dies) back in our systems to make us feel in high spirits again.

3. FOOOOOOOOOOOOD. If there’s one thing that we can all probably agree on, it’s that the Berkeley cuisine is the dankest of the dank. We apologize for using two forms of the word “dank” in one sentence, but we really have no other way to accurately describe the foodgasms that you can achieve in Berkeley. We miss our CREAM, our Sliver, our Cheese Board and our so-easy-to-access Asian Ghetto. If you’re back in Berkeley already and are ready for some good eats, check out Eating Berkeley to get some ideas.

4. Our brains need some stimulation. And what better way to do that than take classes at Cal? We can’t think of any. For those of you who haven’t been taking any summer classes, taking online classes or working, your brains might feel a little bit … inactive. You’re probably ready for those inspiring lectures, those thought-provoking essays, those exams to get your gears going (or not). But after your mind’s been idle for so long, it’s probably best to get back in the game pretty soon. And we can guarantee you that taking classes at Cal will allow you to do so effectively!

Why do YOU want to go back to Berkeley so badly? Let us know in the comments!

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