Tunesday: Electro-soul for the Soul

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This week, we’re indulging in some electro-soul with a couple of jazzy numbers built on mellowed-down beats and luscious vocals. Some tracks are remixes, some are classics and others are by new artists that I recently stumbled upon. Chill out, wine out and press play for some easy listening.

Feist – One Evening

Paired with an amusing fan-produced slideshow of cityscapes and pretty things, this is a remix of a Feist song that I absolutely love. It’s sultry, smooth and simple. Easy does it.

Hygher Baby – Let U Go (DJ Asparagus remix)

As much as I’d hate to lend praise to someone who willingly chose to go by the name “DJ Asparagus,” this remix is a delight. Hygher Baby is apparently a project by singer Melo and producer Pure P, and although this is the first I’ve heard of the Swedish duo, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to bridging soul and hip-hop.

Erykah Badu – Back in the Day (Puff)

A throwback hit from our favorite songstress of soul — if the hook doesn’t getcha, get out.
(Ha. Kidding. But seriously, it’s insanely catchy.)

Camille – Tfir

A slight detour: This one’s less jazz, more acapella/gospel. Nonetheless, the French songstress behind this fun track goes by the name Camille, and I gotta say she’s become a lovely addition to the small library of French artists that I’ve looked into (by small, I mean only one — Coeur de Pirate. Someone enlighten me, please!)

denitia and sene. – Casanova

Everything about this Brooklyn-based duo is sexy as hell. Not sure how it is that I just managed to find out about them now, but I’m head over heels. Download their EP, blah blah blah, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Fans of The Internet, jump on it.

Common – The Light

More neo-soul than anything, but a classic nonetheless.

Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That

…and last but not least, a little Hall & Oates for good measure.

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