Tucked-away novelties at Lush Gelato

Annie Chang/Staff
Blood orange and cardamom gelato at Lush Gelato

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I never thought that I could find another Ici in Berkeley that was closer to where I lived, but it’s possible. Walking around the Gourmet Ghetto last weekend, I decided to check out that small food-courtlike area, where I’d been before but somehow failed to notice the gelato shop in the back. I glanced through the flavors and realized how unique they were — somewhat like Ici’s flavors except that Lush Gelato had more.

Among a whole range of flavors, from “honey and rosemary” to “cowgirl creamery fromage blanc,” I opted for the cardamom blood orange and the honey and rosemary. Both were so different from normal gelato flavors, and both were lovely. The cardamom blood orange tasted naturally citrus, with tiny bright chunks of orange draped in a subtly spicy cardamom taste, and the gelato was not too heavy. The honey and rosemary combination was just as delicious. It is not at all a gross herbal taste with a strange addition of honey to sweeten, but it is a nice blend of subtle honey and the sweet part of rosemary. The rosemary, with its delicate pine flavor, freshened up the gelato.

Lush Gelato makes all of its gelato from scratch in small batches using organic and local ingredients, and it uses local farms in Petaluma, Oakland and Palo Alto. The cones are made fresh every day, giving me even more incentive to go there frequently.

Lush Gelato is located at 1511 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709 (inside the Epicurious Garden food court).

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