Small-talk topics to get you through your first day of class

Cal Band at practice earlier in the week in anticipation of the Big Game. (Leya Andrews/Staff)

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Everyone can relate to the awkward moment when you sit down in a discussion and all you can think of to ask is “What’s your major?” We at The Daily Clog wanted to help you get through those first moments by providing some casual conversation topics you can go to when waiting for your GSI to start his or her undoubtably boring icebreaker activity.

Our football team has potential … this year. Jeff Tedford is gone and we have a shiny new coach, Sonny Dykes, and a freshman starting quarterback, Jared Goff. Out with the old and in with the new has to be good for Cal football, right? At least it can’t hurt after last season.


We (almost) beat Stanford. No need to emphasize the “almost,” because we really did hold our own in the first half of the last home basketball game of the season. Yes, we eventually lost, but at least we can live with the knowledge that Oski is not nearly as creepy as whatever Stanford’s mascot is supposed to be (demonic Christmas tree?).


Green exam books used to only be blue. Before they were made of environmentally friendly recycled paper, they were nothing more than blue exam booklets. This is probably why we will still hear the odd senior or professor call them “blue books” even though green is now the more prevalent color.


Safeway on College Avenue will be missed, but it shall return. Although most of us didn’t really love it anyway, once upon a time, Cal students had a grocery store that wasn’t Trader Joe’s. On the positive end, the Oakland-Berkeley border store will reopen in the middle of 2014, meaning that the classes of 2015 and 2017 shall witness its legendary return.

The Safeway on College and Claremont has finally reached a settlement regarding the renovation plans.

Images: roger4336 under Creative Commons. Michael Tao, Emma Lantos and Matt Miller from The Daily Californian.