What you should really take away from Welcome Week

Gabrielle Nguyen/Staff

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It’s Welcome Week at Cal, and we at The Daily Clog know that this is a time of elation, reunion and intoxication. Welcome Week brings with it a host of memorable moments — and probably some that you won’t remember at all. But amid the hordes of wandering students and the overwhelming amount of information, there are some worthwhile lessons we can take away from Welcome Week.

Don’t lose your keys. You’ve just moved into your new home! Whether this is your tiny dorm room or your first apartment, it is crucial that you always know where your keys are. Yeah, it sounds like a simple task right now, but once the festivities begin, you realize that it’s actually quite the challenge. Try attaching keys to lanyards, hair ties or keychain wallets, and check for your keys every time you walk out the door. 


Don’t lose your friends. This also sounds like an easy task, right? You’re probably thinking, “Wait, shouldn’t this one just be implied?” Well, you’re right. It should be. You should not have to worry about the safety and well-being of your friends — the friends you promised you would “stick together” with. But again, once the madness begins, losing your friends in crowds of people at Caltopia, at parties or even just around the crowded campus is easier than you might think.


Don’t say something you will regret. Welcome Week is the prime time for getting messed up to the point where you say things you probably wouldn’t and shouldn’t say on a normal basis. So our advice is to turn this prime time for getting messed up into a prime time for thinking before you open your mouth. First impressions stick.


Don’t feel pressured to drink. Where there is Welcome Week, there is intoxication. And where there is intoxication, there is debauchery. And we just want to remind you to be careful! (We at the Clog would like to remind you to monitor your alcohol intake, because way too many cases of alcohol-related incidents happened recently.) Have your fun, enjoy your life and experience the week. Just remember to be safe out there and not to do anything you’re not comfortable with. There may be times when you feel like your level of #turntup outweighs your level of cautious decision-making, and that’s totally cool, but the most important part is being aware of that.


What are some lessons you took away from Welcome Week? Let us know in the comments!

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