Sleep, Study, Party: UC Berkeley Edition

Rachel Balmy/Courtesy

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We’ve all heard the warning. As college students, we’ve been told that we have to choose between sleeping, good grades and a social life. (If you haven’t, click here.) But we at the Daily Clog think Cal students are bright enough to juggle all three. We even made an infographic that’ll help you visualize how you might spend your time on a month-by-month basis:


August: Between Welcome Week, move-in and Labor Day, study opportunities are few and far between. You’ll be just starting classes, meaning your homework largely will consist of buying textbooks and going over syllabi. Leave reading and note-taking for September, and trade library time for party time. This is the opportune time to make new friends and sleep in. Preemptively prepare for the all-nighters to come by getting your eight hours of sleep now, while you still can.

September: You may be losing sleep to attend your morning lectures, but you’re not quite in the thick of the semester yet. Additionally, football season is under way, which means the parties of Welcome Week have expanded to include kickbacks and postgame festivities, whether they be celebratory in nature … or not.

October: With midterms kicking in, you can kiss your seven hours of sleep per night goodbye. You’ve probably turned to Netflix to distract yourself from the impending doom of midterms, even though you know you should be sleeping instead. What are parties again? You may have a hard time remembering … until Halloween, that is.

November: November is the calm before the storm — you’ve finished midterms but have finals looming. Don’t worry, though; they’re still a month away, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about going out more often. Thanksgiving and the turkey-induced coma it brings will give you the much needed opportunity to catch up on the sleep you lost during midterm season.

December: By this time, you’ve just realized that your finals are worth 40 percent of your grade. You cope with the stress by sacrificing sleep, and you only leave your post in Main Stacks to buy coffee or Chipotle. Your social life is a thing of the past. But luckily, you’re only a few short weeks away from winter break.