Lifehacks: What to do if you’re behind on reading

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So you were assigned reading on the first day of class. You probably crossed your fingers and hoped your professor would have mercy on you, but because this is Cal, you were expecting it.

Still, that didn’t make you like ’em any better.









Being such a brilliant scholar, you figured one page of reading was enough for one day. You were already ahead of this guy, so what could go wrong?









In your supreme confidence you didn’t do anything else for an entire week. Before you knew it, you had eight critical articles, one novel and three chapters of your textbook still unread. How’d that happen so fast?!

If you find yourself in this situation …








… don’t panic just yet. The Clog has some tips to help you through it.

1. Breathe. This is vital. Hyperventilating does you no good. If you don’t breathe, you’ll pass out and miss even more reading.











2. Make a list of all the assigned reading. Check each class’s syllabus, and make a list of everything you have yet to get to. It’ll help you keep everything straight — plus, you can check things off as you go!

There’s nothing more satisfying than viciously crossing out a task completed.











3. Use downtime. Rather than listening to music and staring at your feet while waiting in Barrows for discussion to start, open up your textbook or reader and get cracking. Use every spare moment! Ten minutes here and 10 minutes there really add up to a lot of pages.

Who doesn’t love reading like the wind two minutes before lecture is supposed to start?








4. Be strategic. Prioritize and figure out which classes you should catch up on first. It makes more sense to read for earlier/more important classes first and then fit in the rest as time allows.

Desks aren’t comfy, so don’t stay up reading unnecessary stuff.











5. Stay awake! Oh yeah, try not to fall asleep while reading …

even when the content is less than exciting.












6. Miss some T.V. We know, this tip sucks. We wish we didn’t have to include it, but it’s the most realistic. It’s either miss out on some “Breaking Bad” or miss out on all your sleep.

If you refuse this option and pick fictional meth dealers over rest, we won’t judge you.







But if you do follow (most of) our advice, you can make your way to the light at the end of the tunnel!













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