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5 things you probably went through in the process of obtaining Yeezus Tour tickets

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Last week, Yeezus Tour tickets for the Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar performance at Oracle Arena in Oakland for Oct. 23 came out. We at The Daily Clog know that all you Kendrick and Kanye fans had to go through some serious struggles when deciding to buy those tickets and while actually buying those tickets — and then later, you wondered whether you made the right choice in the end. If you did end up getting those tickets, here are a couple of things you probably had to go through to get them.


Peer pressure. Before attempting to purchase your tickets, you probably had a lot of your friends telling you, “YOU CAN’T NOT BUY THEM. IT’S BOTH OF THEM. AND US. AND MAYBE EVEN NORTH WEST.” And after hearing different versions of this, you probably succumbed and went to the ticket website immediately.

All students, like Patrick Chen, above, will be able to access bConnected by June 2013 at the latest.

The refresh button. Ah, yes. If you have spent many a night trying to be the first one to click the “Buy Tickets” button for a special concert, you know how this feels. And especially this time around, waiting for Kanye and Kendrick tickets, we know you clicked that button more than you’d like to admit. Who knew that one button could have #allthatpower?


Stressful internal debates about ticket prices. If you weren’t one of the lucky few who were able to get the original lower-priced tickets — and we know that many of you were not — you probably had some real mental struggles when you realized you had to resort to spending more than double the original price you were going to have to pay. You probably told yourself, “Well, I’ll just starve for the next month” and went ahead and spent that extra $100. You probably felt very guilty, but the thought of K and K being in the same room as you was enough to get you to click that “Place Order” button.


Realizing that you paid more than you should have. After all the beautiful fantasies of yourself jumping into swimming pools full of liquor with Yeezy and Kendrick (and using those dreams as your validation for buying tickets), you may or may not have realized that you could have paid a lot less than you already did. It’s OK. We understand. We’ve been there.


Excessively listening to Kendrick and Kanye. After buying your tickets with only about a month left until the concert, you realized that you need to get caught up on all of Kendrick Lamar’s and Kanye West’s songs. You and your fellow concert-goers probably created a new Yeezus Tour playlist on Spotify that you shared with each other and have been listening to in between classes, while you’re studying, before you go to sleep, when you wake up in the morning, while you’re using the bathroom, while you’re working out and while you’re getting #turntup. If you’re hardcore, you probably even coordinated each song to each respective activity. For example, Kendrick’s “Backseat Freestyle” for when you’re driving around Berkeley, Kanye (and Jay-Z’s) “Welcome to the Jungle” while you navigate around Sproul and Kendrick’s “The Recipe” while you’re cooking pasta for your roommates. Yeah. We know how hardcore you are.

After going through all of these (first-world) problems, we hope that you were happy with your final decision. If you’re concerned about the financial aspect of it, remember that you can always sell your ticket! There are tons of Kanye and Kendrick fans around you on this hip and happenin’ campus, so don’t worry too much. And if you decide not to sell your ticket and that you’re gonna get down, girl, go ‘head get down, then all we have to say to you is, “See you there!”

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

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